The Akron Section SPE has received the Pinnacle Gold Award for Communication  from SPE International. This is the most prestigious level of the award. It recognizes a full range of achievements in communication excellence. The purpose of the award is to recognize Sections, Divisions and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that carry out highly effective communications with their groups and, optionally, with other parts of the Society during the course of the SPE year. It is intended to recognize all types and forms of communications as opposed to being focused on one medium or method of communication and information delivery.

The Akron SPE Section also received the Pinnacle Award for Education.  The education award just has one level.  The 2018 TPE TOPCON, PlastiVanĀ® Visit, Student Essay Contest and Technical Program all contributed to the Akron Section being recognized.  Like the Communications Award, it is not competitive. It is based on meeting or exceeding certain performance standards and accomplishment thresholds. 

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Honoring those of the Akron Section who have given so willingly of their time and talents to serve their section over and above the norm.
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Recognizing unsung heroes whose quiet service, support and accomplishments have contributed to the growth of the plastics industry.
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